Solar Powered Water Systems

A good water supply is a basic requirement for agriculture. By investing in solar powered water pumping and efficient irrigation systems we will help villages and women groups develop a high yielding garden where they can grow food for own consumption but also for commerce. We do this in a sustainable way using the power of the sun.

Food Production

Healthy fruit and vegetables. To eat and to sell. For everyone. That is what we want to achieve. All year round growing and harvesting without being dependent on the amount of rain in the rain season. We can make it happen by providing modern irrigation techniques and knowledge on farming more efficient and effective.

Pirang Vegetable Garden
Pirang Water Reservoir

How we Do it

All our projects start with the question ``what do you need`` followed by 'why do you need that'. We are goal oriented and so are all our projects.

We believe that succesful plans start with the needs, wishes or dreams of the people that matter. In this case the people of The Gambia that often live in circumstances in which they can’t move forward.

We involve these villagers, their leaders but also social fieldworkers from the Department of Community Development, local councillors and Area council officials. We believe in TEAM work … Together Everyone¬†Achieves More.

These plans need to be detailed and very clear. How many people are involved? In what way will they profit from the project? What do you want to achieve, short term and long term? How are you planning to pay for it?

We don’t believe in ‘giving’, we believe in facilitating, supporting, training. We expect people to commit to their plans, not only on paper but also financial. It is a cooperation on all levels.

The Gambia Grows decides which project proposals will be accepted and executed. We assess plans based on viability (both operational and financial), governance structure, legal conciderations and if they fit our guidelines.

Project proposals that are not accepted will receive a clear explanation and suggestions on how to improve the proposal in order to submit it again.

We deliver ‘turn key’ solutions. This means we design, build and maintain. We also provide support and training to guarantee proper usage of equipment. We also provide support to develop business opportunities.

Growth of local economy is key to long term and sustainable develpment of all aspects of local communities (access to education, health support, jobs).

We do not leave when the project is implemented. We stay part of the project for the whole duration. Not only because we keep responsibility for maintance, but more important we also want to be a sustainable partner.

Besides evaluating we will have a continuous focus on growth opportunities in existing projects. If there is a good opportunity for further growth we wil pursue it. If the local community wants it, of course!


Pirang Garden The Start

The Gambia - Pirang
Design of a 2ha new vegetable garden.
100 women own and operate it, awesome!

Pirang Garden Ready

The Gambia - Pirang
The women's garden is ready and working.
Together we can Grow anything!

If you want to help, please don’t hesitate.

If you wish to do more, let us know. Our social investments can be interesting for many social investors. Just send us an email.


Our mission and what we believe in

Our mission and beliefs

We bring water to The Gambia. Water to drink and water to irrigate farmland. We do this in a sustainable way, using only the power of the sun and the willpower and ambition of local people.

We encourage employment of local people, good salaries, providing good food, electricity, health insurance and we have focus on the education of the children.

We believe this will provide a better future for the people of the Gambia. A future without the constant struggle for electricity, water and even food. Also a better future for the children, because we believe that with proper education every child will have better opportunities to develop him or herself in a fast changing world.

Because of the high youth unemployment rate we will focus on encouraging employment of young people as much as possible. We also want to improve the opportunities for women and will employ women as much as possible in all positions available.

Our mission and beliefs

In all our projects we do not allow child labor in any way. We only employ people who are 18 years or older.

We believe that we are all equal. We treat everyone as equals. We believe that everyone should decide how they want to live their lives. We respect religion, tradition and culture. But our believe in equality of all people prevails. This means we do not accept oppression, abuse, violence or any kind of behavior that will limit the growth, in the broadest sense, of any person.

We believe in the power of economics. All our projects will focus on income generation. We help invest. We help grow. Our efforts will also help stop the unnecessary import of food. Producing valuable and nutritious food in The Gambia is very important to face the challenges of a fast growing population. Our investments will also create jobs and as a result help fight migration.

Edwin Scheperman
Chairman The Gambia Grows Foundation

I want to be part of The Gambia Grows

We appreciate financial support but we also welcome anyone that wants to have a more active role.

Our Partnerships

Brikama Area Council - Gam Growth Investments Ltd. - Department of Community Development - University of The Gambia -
Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) - Verenigde Stichtingen Gambia (www.vsg.com)

Partners The Gambia Grows Foundation